It's a great day to be a Tiger... Next Meeting February 19th


Meetings: Every 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30 (HS Library)

About Us

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Our purpose is to produce an environment that inspires student-athletes, coaches, parents, and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs.

A Tradition of Team Spirit

Our  focus  is  to  help build  strong  moral  character,  academic  excellence,  and  physical  conditioning  through  community  involvement,  fundraising  and  mentoring.

We  are  a  group  of  parents ,  coaches,  and  high  school  administrators  whose  mission  is to enrich  the  community  by  providing  financial  assistance  for  Bennett  High  School  athletic  programs.   We  are  dedicated  to  continued  support  of  all  our  athletic  programs  and  coaching  staff.   


We  stand  together  to  support  athletic  and academic  excellence, promote  sportsmanship,  personal  responsibility,  school  spirit  and  team  unity.    We  will  accomplish  this  with  our  memberships and  fundraising.